Know more about the cotton/canvas material.



Dear Friends,today i write something about the canvas and cotton bags.

Short and easy-know.

Option 1:Above two material pictures is the 16oz canvas material sample.

Obviously the fabic is rough and thick.

Usually use for backpack or cosmetic zipper bags.



Option 2:Above is 10oz canvas material sample,

Suitable for custom shopping bags on the market.

The developed  state will popular than use non-woven cheap material.

Is a material that more strong to carry something.

If you want custom strong and recycleable shopping bags you can use these material.



The last one is cotton material sample pictures,

You can discover the different between the canvas?

Yes,is soft than canvas material.

If you want strong materil but more beautiful you can use above cotton material.

These material have a lot of thick to choose,

The most thick will be more expensive.

The ordinary thick material like 10oz,12oz cost is same in fact.

So on the same budget price you can choose 12oz thick material to custom bags you need.

Hope the content can do littele helps for you.

Happy New Years!

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Post time: Jan-08-2018
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